Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Lawyers in the Cayman Islands

The funds industry has undergone some significant changes in recent years as many investment managers seek to capitalise on the potentially huge gains associated with cryptocurrencies.

The Cayman Islands has fast become one of the leading markets for cryptocurrency funds and Security Token Offerings (STOs), and other digital and blockchain products in part due to its attractive regulatory environment. In response to this changing market place, our Digital, Blockchain and Fintech Team have advised on a wide range of legal issues in connection with Cryptocurrency and Blockchain usage and have developed particular expertise in the following areas:-

  • advising investment funds, administrators and other service providers on the use of Blockchain technology and smart contracts;
  • advising on the establishment of ‘crypto related funds’ in the Cayman Islands;
  • advising on Security Token Offerings (STOs) and establishing Cayman Islands Companies to conduct STOs and other digital products;
  • incorporating Cayman Islands companies to hold Cryptocurrencies (such as bitcoin, ether, litecoin etc);
  • advising cryptocurrency funds and vehicles on the anti-money laundering regulations and ‘Know Your Client’ challenges associated with accepting bitcoin, ether and other Cryptocurrencies as a means of payment of subscription monies; and
  • advising on how changes to participants and service providers can be reflected once a Blockchain or smart contract is launched.

As a boutique Cayman Islands legal practice specialising in the funds industry, we have decades of experience in helping a wide range of clients from all over the world to carry out their business effectively in this market.

We have particular experience handling the challenges involved with dealing in cryptocurrency, so can offer the tailored expertise needed to allow you to efficiently achieve your goals, adding value to your business.

To discuss your requirements with our Digital, Blockchain and Fintech Team in complete confidence, please get in touch.

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