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Compliance Services

Stuarts can advise on all aspects of financial regulatory compliance services to meet our client’s needs and legal and regulatory obligations.

AEOI Compliance Services

We assist with all aspects of automatic exchange of information (FATCA and CRS) classification and drafting supporting policies & procedures.

Compliance Policies & Procedures

We assist with creating and drafting requisite policies & procedures and manuals for clients to cover such matters as anti-money laundering, data protection, automatic exchange of information and governance manuals.

ISIN Registration

We assist clients with registering for International Securities Identification Numbers (ISINs) and listing securities on the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange for whom Stuarts is a listing agent.

AML Officer Appointments: AMLCO, MLRO and DMLRO

We provide anti-money laundering officers as well as compliance manuals for our clients.

Data Protection Services

We provide data protection advice and compliance manuals for our clients.