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Stuarts Corporate Services Ltd. ("SCS") is part of the Stuarts Humphries Group which comprises of the law firm, Stuarts  Humphries, and Southern Management Services Ltd., a provider of director services.

In accordance with regulatory requirements, SCS holds a Corporate Service Provider Licence issued by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (‘CIMA’) to carry on the business of Company Management/Registered Office services.

Stuarts Corporate Services Ltd. provides a comprehensive range of offshore company incorporation, management and administration services for entities registered in the Cayman Islands. Clients gain an integrated solution across service areas at competitive rates.

Our Cayman corporate services team  are professionally qualified and motivated individuals with deep experience in  legal, administration, compliance, and secretarial work.

Our primary corporate services include:

  • Incorporation of Companies
  • Formation of Limited Partnerships
  • Provision of Registered Office
  • Provision of Agent for Service of Process for foreign companies registered in the Cayman Islands
  • Submission of applicable annual and ad hoc governmental and regulatory filings, including payment of registration and renewal fees on behalf of clients
  • Provision of Director Services*
  • Provision of Company Secretary or Assistant Secretary*
  • Nominee Shareholder services*
  • Coordination and supervision of directors and shareholder meetings
  • Maintaining statutory records
  • Updating Register of Members, Directors and Officers and Register of Mortgages and Charges
  • Drafting and sending out of notices of meetings
  • Drafting minutes of meetings of Directors and Shareholders
  • Issuing and cancelling share certificates
  • Filing annual returns, special resolutions and notification of changes of Directors and Officers
  • Assisting with strike offs, liquidations and dissolutions
  • Application and Renewal of local licences such as trade and business licences, shipping and aircraft registration
  • Acting as Enforcer on STAR Trusts

*Director and Nominee Shareholder services to client entities are provided under certain criteria. We will usually be appointed to the office of Company Secretary or Assistant Secretary for the purpose of sending out notices and filing documentation with the Registrar and other routine administrative matters. These services are provided by Southern Management Services Ltd which is also part of the Stuarts Group and licensed by CIMA.

Stuarts Cayman corporate services department is led by Managing Director, Chris Humphries and backed by our Head of Corporate, Megan Wright, Head of Banking & Regulatory, Jonathan McLean, Head of Local Legal Services, Buck Grizzel and Stuarts' robust, experienced corporate services administration team. 

Together, our Cayman corporate services team offer decades of experience in assisting companies, virtual asset service providers, entrepreneurs, and real estate investors in the Cayman Islands.

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If you would like to receive further information regarding Stuarts Corporate Services, contact: Chris HumphriesMegan Wright, Jonathan McLeanBuck Grizzel or get in touch with us here  and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Stuarts corporate services FAQs

  • What are the advantages of incorporating a company in the Cayman Islands?

    Incorporating a company or establishing a business in the Cayman Islands offers several advantages including, tax neutrality, a sophisticated legal system, a robust regulatory environment, a Special Economic Zone (Cayman Enterprise City) and experienced legal and financial service providers. These qualities make it an attractive jurisdiction for entrepreneurs and investors looking to grow their wealth in a safe and regulated environment, particularly in the corporate, fintech and real estate markets.

    The jurisdiction also offers privacy and confidentiality, as shareholder details are not publicly disclosed. The Cayman Islands also has a reputation for being business-friendly, with a streamlined incorporation process and a well-established network of professional service providers.

  • What types of corporate services are available in the Cayman Islands?

    The Cayman Islands offers a wide range of corporate services to meet the needs of businesses and investors.

    These services include company formation and incorporation, registered office and registered agent services, director and nominee services, corporate governance and compliance, company secretarial services, and intellectual property management.

    Additionally, the jurisdiction provides access to a robust financial services sector, including banking, insurance, and investment management. With its well-developed infrastructure and expertise, the Cayman Islands caters to various industries and businesses seeking professional legal support for their corporate requirements.

  • How long does it take to incorporate a company in the Cayman Islands?

    The timeframe to incorporate a company in the Cayman Islands is typically efficient and streamlined. On average, the process can take anywhere from five to ten business days, depending on various factors.

    The timeline may be influenced by the complexity of the company structure, the accuracy of the required documentation, and the responsiveness of the parties involved. Engaging our Cayman corporate services solicitors familiar with the local regulations and procedures can help expedite the process.

    It's important to note that certain industry-specific licenses or permits, if required, may add additional time to the overall incorporation timeline.

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