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Aviation Lawyer

Stuarts frequently advises on a range of aviation matters in relation to Cayman Islands aircraft; including:

  •  Aircraft registration and de-registration
  •  Mortgage registration
  •  Security enforcement
  •  Aircraft regulation in the Cayman Islands
  •  The use of SPVs and trusts in relation to aircraft ownership

We have a particular focus on assisting clients in relation to the registration of private and corporate jets and regularly advise private clients, family offices, corporates, lenders and insurers based in Europe, North and South America and, increasingly, Asia. Our team has a good working relationship with the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands ("CAACI") and a comprehensive understanding of Cayman Islands aviation law, enabling us to provide our clients with an efficient and dependable service.

The Cayman Islands offers the ideal choice for the registration of aircraft, for both owners and lenders. The registration process is relatively simple and inexpensive and the CAACI is a professional and respected regulator ensuring a safe and efficient aviation industry with internationally recognised standards of safety, maintenance and security enforcement. Also, with its neutral registration mark (VP-C) and its well noted tax advantages the Cayman Islands represents a desirable jurisdiction for aircraft registration and financing.

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