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Southern Management Services

Director Services

Southern Management ServicesSouthern Management Services Ltd. provides corporate director or non-executive individual director(s) services primarily to offshore companies in the following areas:

  • Hedge Funds
  • Investment management companies
  • Private investment companies
  • Segregated Portfolio Companies (SPCs)
  • Special purpose entities
  • General partners for limited partnerships
  • Asset holding vehicles

Southern Management Services Ltd. and its directors only act for a limited number of clients enabling a robust and responsive service consistent with established best practice in the offshore jurisdictions.

Key aspects of services provided include:

  • Comprehensive and timely review and execution of documents, aiding the efficient operation of client companies
  • Strong close working relationships with all service providers including investment managers and legal counsel
  • Availability of the director(s) at all times assisted by professional support staff

Southern Management Services Ltd. has been granted a Companies Management Licence by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority and is regulated in accordance with that licence.

Other Services

Southern Management Services Ltd. can also provide the following services either directly or through affiliated entities:

  • Provision of Company Secretary
  • Board support services

If you would like to receive further information regarding Southern Management's Services, please email: