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Special Economic Zone Companies in the Cayman Islands

Cayman Enterprise City Ltd. (CEC) was authorised by the Cayman Islands Government to operate a Special Economic Zone in the Cayman Islands in 2011 with the intention of encouraging economic growth, attracting foreign investment and bringing diversity to the economy.

The Cayman Islands’ Special Economic Zone (SEZ) consists of several main parks including the Cayman Internet Park, the Cayman Media Park,  the Cayman Science & Technology Park and the Cayman Maritime and Aviation Services Park. The SEZ also includes parks for outsource services and technology academia, although the latter is not yet operational.

If you’re an international company looking for business opportunities, there are plenty of benefits of registering a company in the Cayman Islands. Businesses that meet SEZ criteria can take advantage of a tax-neutral space and reduced fees on trade certificates, work permits and import duties.

Within the SEZ, company formation and licensing are straightforward and businesses can access competitive fees for employmees spaces. The CEC offers a business licensing model that reduces the financial constraints and time-consuming bureaucracy involved with establishing a physical business presence in the Cayman Islands.

By establishing a business within the SEZ, organisations can access certain unique concessions granted by the Cayman Islands Government, such as:

  • Cayman Islands tax advantages, including 100% corporate tax and capital gains tax exemption until 2061
  • 100% exemption on import duties
  • 100% foreign ownership permitted
  • Access to North American and Latin American markets
  • Ten day fast-track set-up operations
  • A cost-effective strategic base of operations
  • Five year working permits for employees and their dependents

If you are in the digital assets space, learn more about the benefits of Moving Your Fintech Business to the Cayman Islands or download the PDF here.

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Our specialist lawyers can provide legal services to new and existing SEZ companies in the Cayman Islands and those established companies who are looking to register as new SEZ businesses.

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Our expertise with the Cayman Special Economic Zone and Cayman Enterprise City

Assessing your eligibility and pre-incorporation

New or existing companies can become registered as SEZ companies provided that they fit the requirements. Our expert team will start by assessing your eligibility to operate within the Special Economic Zone of the Cayman Islands.

Generally, the CEC welcomes companies in the following key sectors:

  • Technology and internet
  • Marketing and media
  • Derivatives and commodities
  • Maritime and aviation services
  • Green technology and biotechnology

CEC in conjunction with your Stuarts attorney will review your business operations and structure to ensure suitability to become a SEZ company. Our lawyers can provide specialised advice and support throughout the pre-incorporation and incorporation stages and answer any queries about operating within the SEZ.

Special economic zone incorporation

Once your company receives approval from the CEC, our team can offer legal guidance with company incorporation and registration and with thevarious stages of set-up, including:

  • For new SEZ companies: preparing and delivering signed copies of articles of association and memorandum of association and filing these and the supporting statutory documents with the Companies Registry to obtain a certificate of incorporation
  • To register existing exempted companies: amending and restating the memorandum and articles of association and providing special resolution documents to obtain the certificate of incorporation on change of name
  • Supporting companies to apply for a trade certificate: companies are not permitted to carry out SEZ business until a trade certificate is granted
  • Supporting companies with SEZ licensing: SEZ companies must obtain the proper licensing, as determined by the Special Economic Zone Authority in accordance with the SEZ Act.

Whilst there are plenty of smart reasons to operate here, including Cayman Islands tax neautrality benefits, it is important to receive expert legal support. Doing so will protect your business interests and ensure guidance through the necessary compliance stages.

For more information about the Special Economic Zone of the Cayman Islands, please contact Stuarts Humphries today.

Assistance with work permits requirements

As well as support with incorporation and registration, our Special Economic Zone Cayman attorneys can assist clients with the necessary work permit requirements.

We are able to offer guidance on preparing immigration paperwork for submission to CEC. Individuals who are employed with SEZ businesses will be able to access a five-year work permit with residency rights for their dependants.

Registered office services

Companies who are operating within the SEZ must have a registered office in the Cayman Islands. At Stuarts we provide registered office services to SEZ companies via our sister entity, Stuarts Corporate Services Ltd.

For more information about our registered office services in the Cayman Islands, please contact us using the details below.

Contact our Special Economic Zone Companies Lawyers in the Cayman Islands Today

Our specialist lawyers can provide legal assistance to existing Special Economic Zone companies in the Cayman Islands, and those who are looking to establish themselves as a new SEZ business.

To discuss your requirements with a member of our team today, please call +1 (345) 949-3344 or email

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