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Framework Office Services

Stuarts provides framework office services for clients that want a physical presence in the Cayman Islands.

Key Services

There has been increasing pressure for Cayman Islands companies to demonstrate physical and economic presence in the Cayman Islands in relation to the business they undertake. In order to facilitate our clients to meet their needs, Stuarts is able to offer the following services as a framework upon which our clients can build a physical presence in the Cayman Islands:


Per Year

A dedicated office of approximately 120 ft.²


A resident Cayman Islands director


A company secretary


Registered office services


Receptionist services, voice mail and answering services, dedicated file storage, telephone number with local telecom provider, mail processing, mailing address, business meeting space, on site amenities – fax, copier & printing, Internet access and conference call facilities, and boardroom services.




* These are discount fees only offered with this package of services.

Additional Services Include:

  • Accounting services (as required)
  • Authorised signatories
  • Server hosting
  • Email and website hosting
  • Board support services, nominated staff to carry out services with a client email
  • Legal services

The services set out above are not intended to be a comprehensive solution to the economic substance requirements in the Cayman Islands but are instead intended to offer a framework upon which our clients can build, to meet the requirements of the economic substance test. Fees for legal services, if required, would be charged on a time spent basis.

See our Framework Office Services Brochure.

If you would like further information please contact Chris Humphries