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Cayman Islands Local Legal Services

When living and doing business in the Cayman Islands, local legal guidance can save you a lot of time, risk and costs. At Stuarts Humphries, we offer world-class legal expertise based in the Cayman Islands, so you can be confident you are getting all the right support from the best-in-class lawyers.

Whether you are based abroad and looking to move and reside in the Cayman Islands; are here already and looking to obtain permanent residency, or are wanting to incorporate a company, Stuarts Humphries can help with all your business and personal legal requirements. With decades of combined experience, our expert immigration and local Cayman law attorneys  know all the ins-and-outs of Cayman Islands law and are ready to share that expertise with you.

Our Cayman Islands lawyers can assist with matters such as:


Our Cayman Islands local legal service is closely integrated with our commercial offering, with oversight by our Head of Local Legal Services, Buck Grizzel. Buck has over 20 years of experience assisting companies, businesspeople and real estate investors with a range of Cayman Islands legal matters. The department is backed by our corporate & commercial team, led by Partner and Head of Banking & Regulatory Jonathan McLean for Cayman legal matters, and robust administrative support team.

Discuss your requirements with our local lawyers in the Cayman Islands

To discuss your requirements with our local Cayman Islands lawyers, please get in touch.


Real Estate - Lease, Purchase and Development

We have extensive specialist expertise in Cayman Islands real estate law, having helped a wide range of companies and individuals with buying and leasing property here. Our team will be happy to advise you in relation to your needs, providing a responsive, reliable service.

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Immigration and Permanent Residency

The Cayman Islands has complicated and strigent immigration rules. To ensure you can achieve your plans relative to visiting, doing business in or residing in Cayman, we can provide you with expert guidance. Our team can support you through all types of visa and work permit applications, as well as as applications for residency certificates, naturalisation and the right to be Caymanian.

Learn more about our Cayman Islands immigration services.

Wills and Probate Services

If you are based in the Cayman Islands or have assets here, the use of a Will must be carefully considered as part of your legacy planning. Our local experts can support you in creating or updating your Will, and other plans to make sure your wishes are clear and your estate is as cost efficient as possible. We can also provide comprehensive support for probate and estate administration.

Learn more about our Cayman Islands Wills and probate services.

Company Incorporation and Licensing

Company incorporation and licensing in the Cayman Islands is not straightforward. You should seek local legal advice to make sure you are following the correct process and fully complying with all relevant rules. Our team can guide you, helping you to smoothly take advantage of the benefits that incorporating and licensing a company in Cayman has to offer.

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Cayman Special Economic Zone Companies

The Cayman Special Economic Zone offers significant advantages for businesses, but it is essential to have the right legal support so you can make the most of this opportunity. Our local legal team can help with company incorporation, advice on the Cayman Islands SEZ requirements and rules and related services.

Learn more about our Cayman Special Economic Zone services.

Offshore Company and Partnership Formation

Setting up a partnership in the Cayman Islands can be commercially attractive but involves a number of unique challenges. Our team is highly experienced with Cayman Islands partnership formation and can give you complete support for every aspect of the process.

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Board Support Services

We provide support services for corporate directors and non-executive individual directors through our sister company Southern Management Ltd. This allows us to provide high-level support primarily to offshore companies in areas including hedge funds, investment management companies and private investment companies.

Learn more about our board support services.

Registered Offices Services

We can act as a registered office for all types of Cayman Islands companies, fulfilling a key aspect of the incorporation rules. This also helps clients to receive a smooth, efficient service when we are acting as their advisers.

Learn more about our registered office services.

Establishment of Cayman Islands physical offices and branches

Whether you are starting a new company in the Cayman Islands or establishing a physical presence here for your existing foreign business, we can advise you on everything you need to consider, making the process as straightforward as possible.

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Discuss your requirements with our attorneys in the Cayman Islands

To discuss your requirements with our local Cayman Islands lawyers, please get in touch.