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Investments and Securities Q4 2021

The number of Mutual Funds and Private Funds in the Cayman Islands continue on a dramatic rise.

Mutual Funds 11,69111,89612,22512,45112,676
Registered 7,8557,9728,1348,2768,453
Master 2,9592,9883,0773,1453,190
Administered 282294286293293
Licensed 6159585856
          Limited Investor Funds534583670679683
Private Funds12,34312,69513,21913,82014,305
Mutual Fund Administrators 7675777777
Full 6666686868
Restricted 99999
Exempted 11000
Securities and Investment
Business Act (SIBA) Licensees  
Registered Persons Under SIBA1,6141,6501,6421,6631,678

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