Blockchain and Crypto Funds' Update

We continue to see the adoption of blockchain technology becoming more widespread as well as more institutional investors seeking to add a fund with a cryptocurrency/blockchain investment strategy to their portfolios.

Blockchain technology has potential to introduce disruption into the investment funds market in terms of streamlining the structure of funds and affording administration efficiencies. Funds that take advantage of these opportunities may reduce their administration costs and also offer additional liquidity may allowing the interests to be sold on the secondary market.

We have curated a network of technical providers who may be able to help managers use blockchain technology for their next fund. If this would be of interest, please do let us know and we can facilitate an introduction.

This publication is for general guidance and is not intended to be a substitute for specific legal advice. Specialist advice should be sought about specific circumstances. If you would like further information please contact Stuarts Walker Hersant Humphries.

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