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Stuarts Funds Team Hires Head of Compliance

Stuarts Humphries, is pleased to announce that Julian Hurlston has been hired as Head of Compliance, effective March 2020.

Julian is a recognised Compliance professional in the Finance Industry, with almost 20 years’ experience. Julian’s experience is diverse, having been a founding member of the Cayman Islands Financial Intelligence Unit where he helped draft policies and procedures for the newly formed unit. While there he represented the Cayman Islands at various local and international forums. He has served on the Guidance Notes Committee and provided input into various laws and regulations. A trained CFATF assessor, Julian has also held senior Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Officer and Money Laundering Reporting Officer positions in regional and global financial services institutions. Prior to joining Stuarts, he was Head of Compliance of the Cayman Branch of a Swiss Private Bank. He specializes in Anti-Money Laundering, Regulatory Compliance, Corporate Governance and Internal Controls.

Julian's responsibilities include monitoring adherence to the Group's compliance policies and procedures with particular regard to compliance with the rules and regulations of the local regulatory agencies applicable to the various lines of business and providing guidance and advice to senior management on matters relating to compliance and corporate governance.

Julian will be assisting clients with their compliance obligations under Cayman Islands law and supporting the anti-money laundering services provided by Stuarts, including the provision of anti-money laundering compliance officer, money laundering reporting officer and deputy money laundering reporting officer services.

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