Service Providers Entering Market to Meet Blockchain and Crypto Funds' Demand


Over the past 12 to 18 months we have seen a significant increase in interest in both traditionally-structured investment funds with a cryptocurrency/blockchain-based investment strategy and funds which are seeking to take advantage of the efficiencies of blockchain technology by structuring themselves as ‘tokenised’ funds.

We are seeing more and more service providers (auditors, administrators, custodians etc) enter this growing market and meet the bespoke challenges it presents.

One such service provider is BlockchainWarehouse (“BCW”). BCW is a blockchain fund provider and manager, servicing clients from business acceleration through fund raise and crypto-asset management.

BCW has a line of fund products suitable for institutional investors, family offices, hedge funds, private equity and venture capital firms, from top 10 cryptoassets to asset-backed and securitized products. BCW offers investors access to a higher yield alternative asset, blockchain, which asset managers can offer their clients as an alpha-generating differentiator.

BCW works with the largest family office network in the U.S., with $8 trillion AUM, to successfully launch, distribute and trade blockchain funds. To satisfy existing asset management requirements, BCW offers all elements of investing institutions are already familiar with, from custody, to marketing and trading.

If you would like us to facilitate an introduction to BCW, please do get in touch with your usual Stuarts contact.

If you would like further information please contact:

Chris Humphries
Managing Director
Tel:(+1 345) 814 7911