Private Funds - Continuing Obligations


Private Funds – Continuing Obligations

Private funds registered with CIMA now have meaningful statutory continuing compliance obligations to comply with including:

  • informing CIMA if it makes a change, or becomes aware of any change, that materially affects any information submitted to CIMA as part of its initial registration application; details of the changes need to be filed with the CIMA within 21 days of the change, or the private fund becoming aware of the changes;
  • any special conditions which CIMA has imposed in respect of its registration as a private fund;
  • ensuring its accounts are audited annually and to send a copy of those audited accounts to CIMA within six months of the end of the relevant financial year;
  • submitting a FAR form annually to CIMA; and
  • paying the prescribed annual registration fee (currently US$4,268) on or before 15 January in each year; there are penalties for late payment.

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