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Cayman as an STO Jurisdiction

The Cayman Islands continues to be a jurisdiction of choice for STOs. We have continued to be very active in the cryptocurrency space and the number of enquiries and instructions we are receiving remains consistently high.

We have been working on several STO projects per week and are one of the most active and experienced Cayman Islands law firms in this area. We also have significant experience in crypto funds (whether tokenized or traditional) and are well-placed to advise on how such funds are regulated in the Cayman Islands.

In addition, as more and more STO and fintech projects establish themselves in the Cayman Islands, we are seeing new products and services coming to the market to solve some of the issues we have encountered regarding safe custody of crypto assets, ensuring anti-money laundering compliance (particularly in terms of verifying source of funds) and obtaining a bank account. Accordingly, the Cayman Islands’ growing reputation as a jurisdiction of choice for crypto business is likely to reach new heights in the coming months as it becomes mainstream and more widely understood.

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