Company Incorporation Services

Cayman Islands companies are now incorporated electronically via the Electronic Document Management Service (EDMS) launched in 2013 providing a fast and efficient same day service.

The categories of companies that may be formed in the Cayman Islands include exempted companies, ordinary companies, limited duration companies, limited life companies and segregated portfolio companies:

  • Exempted Companies are the vehicle of choice for those wishing to conduct business outside the Cayman Islands. An exempted company may obtain an undertaking from the Government that if direct taxation were ever to be introduced in the Cayman Islands, the company would be exempt for a period of 20 years. There are no restrictions on the residency or nationality of the directors or shareholders of an exempted company.
  • Ordinary Companies are typically incorporated by those intending to conduct business within the Cayman Islands and there are specific requirements with regard to the need for local participation in such companies.
  • Limited Duration Companies and Limited Life Companies were created as an equivalent of the US limited liability company. However as a result of changes in US tax rules an exempted company is now preferred.
  • Segregated Portfolio Companies provide a structure whereby separate segregated portfolios can be created within a single legal entity.  The assets and liabilities of each segregated portfolio are ring fenced from the assets and liabilities of all other segregated portfolios in the same entity.

Particular advantages of registering a company in the Cayman Islands include, ease and speed of incorporation, a well-developed Companies Law based on English law, no taxation in the Cayman Islands on income or gains and indeed no direct taxation at all, an absence of exchange controls, a sophisticated professional infrastructure and a stable political regime.

A company incorporated outside the Cayman Islands may be registered to carry on business in the Cayman Islands, or it may transfer by way of continuation to the Cayman Islands, or it may merge with a Cayman Islands company.

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